Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Fever.

There's something about Paris.

There's something about cities in mainland Europe that I just prefer to London. Perhaps its the attitudes. So laid back, so relaxed. One sunday I walked the streets around Sarah's neighborhood and there were groups of young boys playing football, the shops all shut apart from the patisseries, people carrying fresh bread home, streets empty of cars.

Cities in warmer climes just seem to have more charm.

Heaven Was Full.

Père Lachaise cemetery, Paris.

Unfortunately I only arrived at this cemetery around 4.30p.m, and they shut the gates at 6.

Now, an hour and a half might seem like more than enough time to spend in a grave yard, but not this one. It's huge, it has street names, you can get a map to find your way around. I just wandered aimlessly, taking pictures of the graves I found especially beautiful.

The stained glass photo is looking through the window of one of those tomb like graves, the ones that look like telephone boxes. What are they called? I have no idea. But most of these had stained glass windows in the opposite wall that project light through when the sun is setting. It was beautiful.

All colour photos were taken with a Canon Sure Shot pointy.


The start of the Paris photos! I'm going to upload these in themes, hopefully, as I always make the same mistake of uploading all my pictures at once.

My friend Sarah lives in the nicest flat. It's behind a huge iron door between rows of shops and when you push the door open you have no idea what you're going to walk into.

It's a private street with a coded gate. It's full of studio style houses each with a wall of windows all looking on to the small alley thats full of pot plants. There's french families with young children and inside Sarah's flat is even better; wooden floors, exposed brick walls, concrete stairs, sliding wooden doors and glass in the floor to light the hallway that has no window. Stacks of Monocle, filled bookshelves and glowing stars.

I should have taken more pictures inside.


This is Sam. Sam will soon be a celebrity.

Paris pictures are still not developed yet, due to the whirlwind I seem to have come back to since returning. I also wrote a poem about it, but I'm sure none of you will ever see that.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Loch Raven.

Following on from last nights post, I am packing my bags and in the morning I leave for Paris.

Bonne Journée!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The One With The Wurlitzer.

Properly good fun when you put in the effort to do things and it all works out. London to Margate to Leeds to Manchester to Sheffield and back to Maidstone in 4 days and some change. The weather is turning slightly better, friends ventures seem to be working out and 2011 is finally starting to show some promise. Usually I am sober enough to remember taking all my photographs, but half of this batch completely evades my memory.

Today I finally produced Zine2, which is half about the East Coast trip last autumn and half about these guys. Today I just produced a draft to make sure it works, next week I shall produce enough to sell and tell you more about it.

Now it's time to go back to work at Memphis Towers and take a weekend trip to visit Sarah in Paris. More photos and drawings? Oh yes!