Friday, 8 July 2011


There's a story behind this picture.

Alex, a friend of mine, told me that I had to watch the 2nd episode of Top Gear, because the boys were driving around the Monte Carlo race circuit with Christian Horner, Flavio Briatore and Berns' Ecclestone. He knew it was my favourite place, my favourite circuit.

So I put it on and there's a bit where they arrive at Monte Carlo in Monaco, and park up on a hill overlooking the city. I paused it and thought, I know that place.

I ran to my dresser and pulled out stacks of photographs wrapped in 1980s kodak envelopes.

I finally found it.

My father took this photo while he was there racing, around 1984. I had it in a packet of photos that I took from his archives to set up an exhibition with, one that is no nearer to completion now than the day I took those photos away with me. But the nostalgia that part of Top Gear raised in me was pretty monumental. Monte Carlo has always had a special place in mine and my father's hearts, so to see this city which is so special to us from that point of view again was a great feeling. I hope to go back with him again and drive up that hill and take the same photo, but with the two of us in front of it.

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