Monday, 31 January 2011

Eleanor Rigby.

I always knew my dad was into his photography. He must have albums and albums of photos from our summer holidays and trips to air shows. But I always knew him to have digital cameras, he had one of the first digital Nikon's and I never got to see much of his stuff, stored on discs, only what he put on the wall.

While searching for photos of my granddad I discovered in my mum's box of photos a stash of hundreds taken by my father, of stag in the dawn dew, bears yawning, emotional children on the verge of tears. Some of these photos were so beautiful and the composition so perfect I thought it an absolute shame for them to never be seen by eyes other than my own.

That's why I am going to exhibit them at some point this year, hopefully in London and Manchester, along with a selection of slides from my good friend Hannah Marie's infinate family photo collection, which is vastly superior to mine.

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