Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fake Empire.

Last week I got drunk with my father, we got talking about his old photos, the ones I want to use in an exhibition. I told him each picture, what it was of, what the composition was like, and he remembered them all. He remembered when he took them, what time of day it was, exactly what they looked like.

I guess if you're proud of your photography you're going to remember what they look like. He told me that all the ones I pulled out were taken on an OM-10, the same camera that I use.

Weird coincidence, but when I was looking through them I was thinking how similar the colours are in my photographs and in the ones that he took.

These were taken on a trip to Hathersage just outside of Sheffield, UK. They were taken on a cold January afternoon, and I have many more to follow.

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