Friday, 7 May 2010

Endless Shovel

The next day we wake to fresh coffee, strawberries and muffins left out for us by Richard. He's already gone to the beach to walk his dog, Max. We get up, get ready, and head out for a day of wandering around Santa Barbara.

I wanted to come here on the trip because I had heard so much about this place. Sideways, The Birds, Big Wednesday and many other films have shown Santa Barbara to be the epitome of the California style. They weren't wrong. Ultimately the most laid back place I have visited, you've got amazing beaches on one side, the Santa Ynez mountains on the other, a massive college to the north and one of the prettiest towns in the centre. I want to live there one day.

We went to the botanical gardens, the mission, wandered all over the centre looking in shops and drinking coffee, then in the evening we wandered down the harbor to eat fresh seafood in a cozy little place at the end of the pier. We head back to the motel we are staying in that evening (didn't want to impose on Richard) as we know we have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow, just under 300 miles around the mountains and avoiding LA traffic to get to Palm Springs the evening before Coachella festival.

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