Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Ink.

Sometimes I really wish I could be in 5 places at once! I love it here, the people, the job I have, the places I get to go, the parties, the cafes. I love it up in Manchester, the friends I miss, the places I rarely get to visit. The family meals, walking my dog, Lyme Park with my mum. Did I mention the friends I miss? I have promised to spend some time in Brussels, Koln, Monza, Spa, Newcastle, Morcambe, all over this summer. Someone create a drink that allows me to be in multiple countries please!

I believe these grainy images make me want to watch a film noir. Perhaps I shall. They are only scans of negatives, so the size and quality is rather small.

Hopefully it's only 2 weeks before I get to go back to Manchester for a few weeks. Oh how I miss this place and these people!