Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Keen On Boys.

For the longest time now I have been debating with myself whether to upload the screen prints I have recently made on to the world wide web. Not such a big deal to any one but myself, but indeed, to myself it was a pretty weighty discussion in my mind.

What is the point of an exhibition? It's to show a series of works that unless you go to see them, you might not see again in that particular order and setting. This is what creates the most memorable exhibitions. That Rothko one at the Tate with a different room for each series. The Rude Britannia one at the Tate Britain which opened today, with selected works from comic artists all compiled in to one show. The ZineSwap show I went to last week, with all their favourite zines that they had collected over the years, displayed together.

While hand making these cards to leave by my series of prints at the show tomorrow, I was furiously thinking about whether to upload the scans. But I have decided not to. They are a series produced for that show, and for that show only. I have also made a zine of photographs, found objects, drawings and writings called 'The Pilgrimage' that will also only be able to be seen in its original form.

Images on the internet take away a certain quality from some art works. Therefore, I am going to be more select about what I include on the internet from now on.

This is where my work is being shown, for 2 days only.

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