Sunday, 13 June 2010


Broadstairs, Kent.

This week I took a trip to Broadstairs in Kent to spend some time with the lovely Emma Day and Ej Miles.

Picture perfect seaside town and a girl who knows her cameras was a perfect excuse to test out my Olympus OM30, which has been playing up recently. Thankfully it was in a good mood and produced these images, which I love. It had been raining all day and we ventured out after dinner, about 6.30pm so it was overcast and getting dark. We spent the rest of the night flicking through magazines like Sang Bleu, browsing blogs we love and sharing inspiration, wine and biscuits.

Getting a feel for the summer and the 4 months off university I have ahead of me. Job hunt, packing to move to my new flat next week and seeing the people who are important to me are essential. Making packages for numerous friends and hoping to get some in return!

Montreal GP has just ended and holy shit was I on the edge of my seat!

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